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Karthik Kumar


Our company, Yushi Limited was established in 2017 to provide clients with cost-effective freight forwarding solutions that meet their unique needs. We are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent customer service. From our origins in Barking, London to operating on 3 continents by 2022 – I would like to thank my team of shipping professionals who have over 40 years of combined experience in import and export logistics. Their skills and knowledge have helped us grow our client base, even in the turbulent and uncertain times that have affected the shipping industry in the last 2 years. It is common knowledge in shipping circles now that IMPOSSIBLE IS YUSHI! We are in the people’s business and we tailor our services to meet the exacting needs of every customer.

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Air Logistics

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For every aspect of shipping, we’ve got you covered

Rail Freight

Rail freight means the transportation of goods by freight or cargo trains, which consist of numerous railway carriages or freight wagons.
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Air Freight

In the age of consumerism, people are in the lookout for instant gratification. The intemperate dynamism of market forces has compelled the suppliers
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Consulting Services

To know what type of transportation is right for you , to manage your entire supply chain, consult with our team of professionals.
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Road Freight

Road Freight is the classic mode of transportation of goods using roads as the only route connecting the point of origin to the point of consumption.
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Sea Freight

The most common method of freight forwarding, ships allow the transportation of bulky, heavy goods that are not otherwise compatible with any other means
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Warehousing, Storage

Warehousing means making arrangements for storing goods at a particular place for sale or distribution in the near future. Usually, goods are warehoused
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Who we are

Yushi Limited strives to attain perfection in the logistics industry by adopting innovative freight transportation solutions for both national and international shipments. We indulge in the transportation of all types of cargo with utmost accuracy in delivering within the stipulated time and at the exact final point of distribution or consumption. Our enhanced supply chain management services provide clients with real-time live data and control over the operations. Our avant-garde logistics solutions and the use of ultra-modern technology have enabled us to make a significant contribution to the field of logistics that has earned the trust of millions of people.


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