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Door to Door Shipments

Road Freight

Road Freight is the classic mode of transportation of goods using roads as the only route connecting the point of origin to the point of consumption. Road transport avails of motor vehicles to transfer the goods. It is pertinent to note that road freight is sometimes the only means available for freight transportation to remote places that are connected to the world only by the road surface.


Road freight is less expensive than its sea or air counterparts. It is an ideal transport system when it comes to short or medium distances. Road transport is more flexible and adaptable as route alterations do not prove to be a hindrance, with modern-day technology like GPS navigation system allowing easy cargo tracking. Also, the fact that the logistics of such a road transport system does not have to adhere to stringent or definite schedules like that of air, sea, or rail.

Yushi Limited offers a smooth-running road transport network keeping the consumers satisfied with its efficient and timely door-to-door services. We indulge in the shipment of all kinds of cargo like bulk cargo, dangerous goods, piece and liquid cargo, heavy goods, dry cargo, etc., operating on both national and international road transport systems.

Rail Freight

Rail freight means the transportation of goods by freight or cargo trains, which consist of numerous railway carriages or freight wagons. These railway cars are connected to a locomotive that carries them over rail tracks and transports the goods to their destination.

Rail freight is considered to be the most energy-efficient mode of transport system because its per unit energy consumption rate as per the total distance covered is better than the others. Although transporting cargo by rail involves transhipment costs, it is known for its fast and hassle-free shipment of goods. In the case of international rail transport, the export protocols are much less stringent and easier to comply with than other modes. It is less flexible than the road transport system, but rail freight is adept at shipping many kinds of freight with equal efficiency.


Yushi Limited offers many types of well-organized cargo transportation by rail, which includes intermodal containers, piece cargo, bulk cargo, special cargo, etc. We are proficient in handling dangerous goods also. The packaging, marking, and loading this kind of cargo in specialized containers as per the nature of the goods requires competence and strict adherence to additional rules and routines for the safety of one and all.