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Freight Transport Management

Freight transportation underwent a paradigm shift as globalization happened, pushing the boundaries and opening up newer and broader avenues of international trade. Freight transport management entails efficiently dealing with the shipment of goods and possessions by means of land, sea, rail, and air. In this digital age, mobility solutions have taken over the logistics industry enabling cloud-based services and automated processing. This not only imagines the entire operation in a whole new light but also provides access to readymade information that expedites the entire process.

Yushi Limited is blessed with a team of virtuosos who have the requisite proficiency in carving out novel strategies for effective handling of freight transportation. Our well-coordinated efforts lower shipping costs to a considerable extent. We are known for our efficient supply chain management. But, unlike others, we have a social and environmental responsibility as well. Yushi Limited not only controls a methodical freight transport management system, but we also make sure to keep an eye on the environmental impact and endeavour to leave a low carbon footprint.


Yushi Limited excels in several key areas like improving scheduling and increasing load factors, creating a structured regional delivery system, operating fleet management system to reduce mileage, using technology to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency, etc.